sustainability continuing education

•	“Harvesting Rain: System Design for Strategic Rainwater Capture”
•	“Smart Appliances for a Sustainable Smart Grid – hot water hybrids save energy and conserve water.” 
•	“Intrinsic materials: modernism, sustainability and fiber cement panels.”
•	“Strategies for more Sustainable Exterior Solutions.” 
•	“Buildings that Breath: thermal protection, moisture proofing and healthy air.”
•	“Technologies for Energy Efficiency” 
•	“Sustainable Plumbing: Valuing Design, Innovation, Quality and Ecology” 
•	 “Conserving Water for a Thirsty Planet” 
•	“What’s So Cool about Cool Roofs?” 
•	“Pedestrian Friendly! – Planting trees and celebrating stormwater in urban areas”
•	“Hot water on demand – using energy efficient tankless hot water heaters”
•	“Fresh Air and Daylight - Designing Natural Environments.”
“Targets for Building Performance – Selecting Windows that Work”
•	“Designing with Green Roofs: Maximizing Sustainability and Stormwater Management. “
•	“Adaptive Reuse:  Uncovering Hidden Assets & Obstacles”

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